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Tetralog Talks: More exchange and discourse in times of change

In the business world, communication takes place primarily in institutionalized channels and forms. There are meetings, calls, chat rooms, memos, powerpoint presentations and of course the notoriously overloaded channel e-mail. Strangely enough, the substance of what is being discussed seems to decrease in inverse proportion the more primarily digital channels are available. At what level does the day-to-day business deal with the overarching issues? Thoughts on the innovation of your own product or on the big strategic direction? How do you get the change of perspective out of your own company blindness from time to time? There are ways and means, and it’s actually not that difficult: new input. Food for thought. Exchange with like-minded people. And a change of location.

For 10 years now, we have been inviting our customers, partners and friends to Munich every autumn for exactly this purpose. Formerly known rather succinctly as the „Customer Day“, this event has developed not only into a beautiful tradition (including a visit to the Oktoberfest), but also into a continuous format for genuine exchange and discourse on changes in the banking business.

We would be very pleased if you would come!


12 – 12.30 p.m.
Get Together with small delicacies and refreshments

12:30 p.m 
Official Welcome

12.45 p.m.
Julia Peglow, Brand Consultant, Design Strategist & Writer

Digital Renaissance: A new holistic view

1.15 p.m.
Dr. Lothar Jonitz, CEO, tetralog systems AG
Grenzflächen: Interaction between Money and the World

2 p.m
Coffee break

2.30 p.m.
Christian Apelt, Head of Consulting, tetralog systems AG

Robo Advisor – professionalisation on the way to customer confidence?

3.15 p.m.
Jens Wöhler, Member of the Board, S Broker AG & Co. KG

Robo Advice – the future emoticon of investment?

4.15 p.m.
Visit to the Octoberfest

For additional information or support please contact
Peggy Nitzsche: +49 (0) 89 461 391 0 or via email: pn@tetralog.de

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